2015 Code Development Cycle


The Virginia Building Codes are updated on a three-year cycle through the code development process. Virginia is a leader in building and fire regulations, and stakeholder input is vital Virginia’s code development process. Participation is encouraged through cdpVA. Codes and regulations are adopted by the Board of Housing and Community Development and periodic amendments are utilized to update codes and incorporate new reference standards.



Workgroup One
Administrative provisions of VCC, VMC, VRC and SFPC regulations; VADR/ADTAC regulations (amusement rides); VCS/BCAAC (certification requirements; IBSR (modular buildings); MHSR (manufactured housing); Related Laws; Manufactured Housing Licensing and Transaction Recovery Fund Regulations and other state agency’s regulations for functional design.

Workgroup Two
Technical provisions of VCC, VMC, VRC and SFPC (IBC, IFC, IEBC and IPMC and other model codes).

Workgroup Three
Residential provisions of the VCC, including IRC model code, trades and energy provisions.

Workgroup Four
Technical trade provisions of the VCC, including IPC, IMC, IFGC and NEC.

Special Workgroup (Fire Code Edits)
In addition to the regular workgroup meetings, DHCD convened a special workgroup for the purpose of reviewing recommended changes from the FSB sub-workgroup to the SFPC edits.