Pursuant to § 15.2-2903 of the Code of Virginia and Executive Order 58 under then-governor, Tim Kaine, all state executive branch agencies are required to review mandates that they administer on local governments in order to examine impacts – including fiscal – of existing mandates on localities. Such mandates are reported by the commission in the Catalog of State and Federal Mandates on Local Governments. One aspect of such assessments is to report which mandates, if any, might be altered or eliminated without interruption of local service delivery or undue threat to the health, safety and welfare of citizens of the commonwealth. The commission is responsible for coordinating the scheduling of the assessments and for notifying the governor and the General Assembly when an agency assessment recommends the alteration or elimination of a mandate, pursuant to § 15.2-2903 of the Code of Virginia.

In accordance with EO 58, the commission annually establishes a mandate assessment schedule for state agencies. The schedule is subject to the governor’s approval. The commission publishes the schedule, distributes it to the agencies responsible for assessing the mandates and posts it on this website. In addition, the commission distributes the schedule to the clerks of the House of Delegates and Senate, VACo and VML.

Local governments are invited to submit their comments on mandates currently under assessment. Information on the fiscal impact of the mandates is particularly welcome.