VBCA Staff

The Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy delivers administrative and technical code training programs for mandated certification requirements for over 3,500 statewide professional certifications in various code enforcement disciplines including code official, inspection and plan review. Most of the programs required for certification are multiday and are offered throughout the calendar year in various locations across the state. In addition to the mandated training, the academy periodically offers a number of specialized training events on topics that are pertinent or relative to current issues in the code enforcement industry.

Who is Jack A. Proctor?

Jack A. Proctor, for whom the academy is named, is the former deputy director of the State Building Code Enforcement Division for DHCD. 

Proctor was born Jan. 10, 1933. He started his career serving 22 years in the United States Navy as an electrical engineer and career counselor, with the last two years served at the Pentagon.

He was Shenandoah County's first building code official and was appointed the first statewide building code supervisor. Later, he rose to be the deputy director of the State Building Code Enforcement Division for the Department of Housing and Community Development while also serving as the State Fire Marshal. 

Proctor was a national leader in the effort to adopt a standard, uniform building code, as well as trained, advised and inspired building code professionals throughout the nation. He helped to create the culture of learning and teaching within Virginia's code enforcement community. 

In 1988, legislation was passed by the Virginia General Assembly allowing the establishment of the State Training Academy for building code officials. Proctor was instrumental in that legislation, as well as in getting legislation passed to adopt the Fee Levy program, which funds the training and certification programs offered by the Virginia Building Code Academy. 

The academy would later be named in his honor – the Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy (JPVBCA) - after 30 years of service to the commonwealth of Virginia.