Classroom Training And Registration



The Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy (VBCA) delivers administrative and technical code training programs for mandated certification requirements in various code enforcement disciplines including code official, inspection and plan review. Most of the programs required for certification are multiday classroom courses and are offered throughout the calendar year in various locations across the state. The academy also periodically offers a number of continuing education offerings on topics that are pertinent or relative to current issues in the code enforcement industry. 

If you are looking for courses that are available to take online, see Online Training.


CORE Prerequisite
The CORE module provides key background knowledge regarding code inspection and enforcement in VA, and is a prerequisite for all other VBCA Certification courses. 

  • Note: If you register for CORE and additional courses, the other courses will be placed in a “registered pending CORE” status. Once the CORE module is complete, your registration will be completed. 

Online Registration System
The VBCA Online Registration System allows users to: 

  • Register for classroom courses, including certification and continuing education courses.
  • View, change and cancel existing classroom registration details (before the application deadline listed in the course details).
  • View the most up-to-date training calendar and important course announcements.
  • View training, certification and continuing education history.
  • View general information and fees.
  • Upload and submit certification and continuing education applications.
  • Update your online registration system profile.
  • Access links to helpful information.

Making Updates to an Existing Registration
If prior to the class “app deadline” listed in the course details, you can cancel a class or modify a registration by visiting the. If after the closing date, or if the option you are looking for is disabled, contact DHCD for further assistance.

To cancel or modify a registration before the closing date:

  • Go to the Online Registration System and sign in as usual.
  • Click “History" on the left side of the screen.
  • Click "Training," and locate the class you want to revise.
  • Click either change, cancel or pay.
  • To view your changes, you may need to log off log back in.
  • The Online Registration System will email you confirmation.

NOTE: A course must be supervisor approved before you can make changes online.


Locality employees must have approval to attend the program from their direct supervisor or the locality’s appointed building, property maintenance or fire official. 

  • An automatic approval email is sent to the email listed in the “supervisor email” field on your profile. 
  • Supervisor approval not required for non-locality/third-party attendees. (Third-party and non-government employees should list themselves as their supervisor to be able to approve training and certification requests.)

When submitting course registration online, make sure to confirm that your supervisor’s email address is listed accurately on your online profile (“update profile” option in left menu). Incorrect email information here will result in a delay in course approval or the course not being approved at all.



Four-day Course $425
Three-day Course (most common) $325
Two-day Course $225
One-day Program     $175
Class No-Show         $65
Lodging (Per Night)     $90
Lodging No-Show  $90


When Does Tuition Apply?

  • Training provided to Virginia locality employees by the Jack A. Proctor Virginia Building Code Academy is funded by a statewide levy on locality building department fees. 
  • Tuition and lodging fees generally DO NOT apply to participants who are engaged in enforcement of the Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC), Statewide Fire Prevention Code (SFPC) and related codes employed directly for local governments contributing to the state levy. 
  • Even if tuition fees do not apply, all students are responsible for no-show fees for both class and lodging (if lodging was requested.)
  • Tuition and lodging fees generally do apply to participants who are not employed and appointed to enforce the USBC or SFPC by a levy contributing locality. This includes but is not limited to: levy contributing locality employees who do not report to the Building, Property Maintenance or Fire Official for purposes of enforcing the USBC or SFPC; state/university/airport authorities code enforcement personnel; federal government enforcement personnel; third-party code enforcement personnel; and non-code enforcement persons.
  • If you’re not sure which category you fall into or have additional questions, please contact us directly for assistance.

No Show and Cancellation Fees

  • In the event of circumstances or emergencies requiring change in registration or lodging status within seven days of the program, please provide written notification at Cancellations within seven days of the course start date must be submitted in writing (email preferred) to avoid any associated fees. If more than seven days before class starts, changes and cancellations can be made in the Online Registration System
  • No Shows – The participant’s employer will be notified directly by VBCA of participants who do not show or call to cancel their course seat. Invoices will be issued according to the fee schedule.
  • Special Note for “night before” arrivals: Should an electronic application reflect “arrival the night before” and the participant   arrives the morning of the training without prior written notice, an administrative fee of $90 will be invoiced to the participant for the empty lodging room.



All participants are required to have 100 percent attendance. Participants arriving late or repeatedly leaving the training room may be asked to return to their worksite and reschedule the training for a time when they are experiencing fewer distractions.

For additional details, refer to the Full VBCA Attendance Policy




Course Materials and Code Books

  • Materials provided to students varies for each course. See the “what to bring” section on the course details page, which includes a listing of code books that should be brought to class where applicable.
  • Students will receive a student manual in most cases, which includes most or all of the training content reviewed during the course.
  • In most cases, code books are not provided to each student. 


  • Breakfast and lunch are provided each day of class for all registered participants. 
  • Breakfast is typically available at least one hour prior to the start of class. Classes usually start at 8 a.m. 
  • Students are responsible for their own dinner. 

Special Meal Requests: 
Students are encouraged to enter any food allergy or vegetarian/vegan preferences in the “special diet” section of their Online Registration System profile. Note that we will make every effort to accommodate reasonable requests, not all special requests can be accommodated by our event hosts. Students with severe allergies, and unusual or specific dietary restrictions may be asked to make separate meal arrangements.